Transpond & Capsule - take your marketing further

Transpond is our easy-to-use, intuitive marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capsule. The integration delivers everything you need to take your marketing further.

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Import Data

Easy and quick to set up

  • Pull your Capsule tags, lists and custom fields through to Transpond

  • Import your contacts within minutes

  • Resolve duplicate contacts quickly and easily as part of the import

Capsule Setup

Manage your data easily

  • Update or add contacts and tags in Transpond and they'll sync back to Capsule

  • Change lists, tags, contacts and custom fields in Capsule and they'll sync to Transpond

  • Set mailing status from either Transpond or Capsule

  • Custom fields pulled through from Capsule can be used as merge fields

Capsule Lists

Segment quickly and consistently

  • Use lists in Capsule as ways to segment within Transpond

  • Capsule data appears as a dedicated group

  • Easily copy and edit lists to create new segments

  • All organizations carry the same tagging as within your Capsule account

Email Campaign Stats

Key stats at your fingertips

  • View detailed campaign data at contact level within Transpond

  • See performance at a high-level across Capsule tags you've applied

  • See user engagement via 5 star rating system

Transpond Automation

Automate communications

  • Create triggers in Transpond for one campaign or across all of them to send data back to Capsule

  • Set triggers for actions within Capsule, such as sending an email when an Opportunity is created or closed, or when a Project is updated

  • Create automated sequences to manage a flow of communications

  • Add steps including emails, conditions, actions or webhooks

  • Set conditional paths for individual steps

Transpond Recent Activity

Easily view within Capsule

  • View the last activity a contact engaged with

  • Check and amend subscribed status

  • See the 3 most recent communications and how a contact interacted with them - access an expanded view to see the 100 most recent activities

  • Filter and search by activity type

  • Link to go directly to Transpond to view more detailed information

Run your marketing with Capsule and Transpond

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