Liquona are a video content production agency that create animation, interactive video, TV commercials and full virtual reality, alongside traditional live action filming. They have grown phenomenally from a bedroom startup to an award winning production agency based in London.

They started their journey with Capsule back in 2013. They always thought CRMs were highly complex so they used paper notes, lists and diaries to keep on top of their inbound enquiries.

As with all growing businesses, this system soon became too difficult to manage so they looked for a CRM that was easy to use and quick to get going. They chose Capsule and the rest is history.

We met the founders Matt Day and Oliver Hall to hear how Capsule's transformed the way they manage client relationships. They created this short video to share their experience.

Video continues to be one of the most effective elements of marketing strategy so we were delighted to hear how Capsule is supporting this exciting industry.